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Nano nano!

Bulk carbon comes in many different forms from pencil lead to diamonds. At the nanoscopic level, the properties become even more exotic. On this episode, Hari Manoharan talks about what happens when nanostructures of carbon are combined.

Anyone for a game of buckyballs ;)


Posted by: grokscience | September 3, 2014

End of Absence

HarrisHeadshotCloseAdvances in technology have changed the way we work, the way we socialize, and the way we learn. But not everybody knows that. In his book the End of Absence, author Michael Harris reminds us that people born after 1985 will not have experienced adulthood without the internet, and children today will never know what life was like before facebook, twitter, and iPhones. On this episode, Michael Harris discusses the impact of the ‘end of absence’ and what constant connectedness means for the well being of future generations. He’ll also tell us how we can mitigate the effects of technology and preserve the benefits of periodic absence while still maintaining our social connections.

Keep connected… ;)


Posted by: grokscience | August 27, 2014

Saving Normal

allen-francesThe Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) has far reaching influence beyond that of psychiatric diagnosis.  Excessive diagnosis of psychiatric disorders due to changes in the DSM may be causing more harm than good. On this episode, Dr. Allen Frances discussed saving normal.

The doctor is out? ;)


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Once More with Feelin’

slimanbensmaia-byjasonsmith-0386On this episode, we speak with neuroscientist Dr. Sliman Bensmaia. He tells us about his research on touch — how our hands feel, how our brains process this information, and how this research is being used to design better prostheses.

Give ‘em a hand… ;)


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Unknown-5Can a digitally encrypted currency uproot the world’s financial institutions. On this episode, Jimmy Homma talks about bit coins, its mysterious and tumultuous history, and what it means for us.

Cha-ching… ;)


Posted by: grokscience | August 6, 2014

Human Animal Bond

si-300-alan-beckWe do a lot for our pets and often even treat them like family members. But it turns out, they’re paying us back by improving our health. On this episode, Dr. Alan Beck, Director of the Center for the Human-Animal Bond at Purdue University discusses his work studying the effect that animals have on the physical and psychological well-being of the people they spend time with. We’ll talk about what benefits the average person can expect to get from their pets but we’ll also learn which animals are best for Alzheimer’s patients, autistic children, and other vulnerable populations. So whether you’re a cat person, dog person, turtle person, or unsure you even like animals, join us to learn about the various ways a connection with animals can impact your health.

People person? ;)


Posted by: grokscience | July 30, 2014

Crowded Planet

stephOverpopulation affects not only humans but also wildlife.  On this episode, Stephanie Feldstein discussed the crowded planet.

Need another earth… ;)



Posted by: grokscience | July 23, 2014

Health Care Data

gh-data1Health care data is increasingly vulnerable to hackers.  On this episode, Paul Oster discussed protecting health care data.

Keep your data healthy… ;)


Posted by: grokscience | July 16, 2014

Improving Health with Cats and Dogs

cats_dogs_04Cats and dogs: companions, protectors, health-improvers? We love our furry friends, but recent studies show that cats and dogs may benefit us in ways that go beyond companionship.  On this episode, we discuss research findings that show how these animals can boost our health and well-being.

Aww… ;)


Posted by: grokscience | July 9, 2014

Ice, Ice

AndersNilsson_symposium2010Water is fundamental to all life but little is actually known about its inter-molecular dynamics and structures. On this episode, Anders Nilsson talks about the frontiers of water science.

Baby! ;)


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