Posted by: grokscience | May 18, 2006

WHO and Taiwan

All countries are eligible for membership into the World Health Organization (WHO) with one notable exception. On this program, Dr. Julin Tang and Dr. Sophia Yen discussed the Taiwanese efforts to join this health organization.

All this time, I thought they were trying to gain access to the TARDIS… 😉



  1. Hm, guys, last night a whole bunch of 2005 episode were modified and my itune downloaded them again. Most seem to be dupes, except for “Condensed Matter Physics — Berkeley Groks 2005-10-26” which is now 5 min shorter and for “Cosmological History — Berkeley Groks 2005-10-19” which is now over 2 hours long. What’s up with all that?

    Best wishes,
    – Nils

  2. Hi Nils,

    We recently updated our rss feed for some of the older episodes. The duplicate episodes are actually better quality mp3 files.


    Charles and Frank

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