Posted by: grokscience | May 24, 2006

Science Lexicon

Understanding the key concepts in science requires a knowledge of the language of science. On this program, Steve Kleinedler discussed science words every college graduate should know.

What about the ones I’m still trying to forget… 😉



  1. Catching up on my Groks podcasts here… In “Science Lexicon” it seemed to me that based on Mr. Kleinedler’s description of the method used to pick words for the book “100 Science Words Every College Graduate Should Know”, some of the words don’t belong in the book. For example, kwashiorkor was picked in part for its obscurity, and because they didn’t have many K-words. Are those good reasons for a college graduate to know a word? No. This book sounds interesting, but I’m not so sure it’s as true to the title as I had hoped. That said, I’ll probably pick it anyway. Thanks.

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