Posted by: grokscience | October 31, 2007

Scientific Faith

Science relies on empirical evidence to support its central theories and tenets, while religious belief relies on the faith of the believer. Can these two separate worldviews be reconciled? On this program, Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Human Genome Research Institute discussed science and religious faith.

I believe in the great pumpkin… 😉





  1. So many un-followed-up follow-up questions….. Sigh.

    Why was this episode on 20-odd minutes long on iTunes? Did Collins refuse to engage your supercomputer?

  2. One more thing: Ayala last month, Collins this month. How about some skeptics providing balance?

  3. Yes. Well, we had a limited amount of time with Dr. Collins. So, we figured it best that he be given the time to state his views. Rest assured, balance will arrive soon.

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