Posted by: grokscience | April 2, 2008

Telephone Gambit

Alexander Graham Bell is widely regarded as the inventor of the telephone. However, few may know the story of Elisha Gray, who may have been the first inventor of the telephone. On this program, Seth Shulman discussed the controversy and history of the telephone.

But, who invented 1-900-numbers? 😉





  1. I found this episode quite interesting really. It was thought provoking and brought back to the forefront the fact that many technological innovations are stolen from others. In this day of intellectual property rights and closed-source thinking it almost justifies the high security measures in place to ensure ideas remain the progeny of the creator. Although it would be wonderful if a time came when collaborative thinking was encouraged and not just one entity controlled new technology. An interesting dichotomy arises when ideas and creativity are fostered, but no one person can claim those ideas. Society as a whole may benefit from this communal way of nurturing fresh perspectives.

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