Posted by: grokscience | February 11, 2009

Evolutionary Truth

dn16347-1_300Darwin Day, celebrated on Feb. 12, marks the 200th birthday anniversary of Charles Darwin and the 150th anniversary of his famed publication, On the Origin of Species. Yet, despite the overwhelming evidence supporting the modern evolutionary theory, controversy still abounds. On this program, Prof. Jerry Coyne from the University of Chicago discussed why evolution is true.

Let’s stop monkeying around… 😉




  1. While your guest was very knowledgeable concerning evolutionary theory, clearly he’s limiting the scope of his research into creationism (perhaps not unreasonably). Having stated, “[… creationists] will never admit that the crucial evolutionary step of humans from apes occurred because the bible says that didn’t happen,” he makes it clear that such movements as theistic evolution are outside of his experience.

    On another note, I would like to point out that pointing out the first amendment problem with teaching creationism without explaining it is just as disingenuous as saying that creationism is a scientific theory. What the first amendment prevents is not teaching religious concepts, but teaching them selectively. Many public schools have a comparative religion course, which is just fine (I had one in my high school). But the government is not allowed to favor a specific religion, and creationists in the U.S. who advocate for creationism in the science class are not pushing for a broad overview of the creation stories of the world, but for a specifically Christian point of view.

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