Posted by: grokscience | May 6, 2009

Cold Fusion

320px-cold_fusion_electrolysissvgIn the years since the famous experiment by Martin Fleischman and Stanley Pons, the field of cold fusion has had difficulty igniting the interest of the scientific community. However, recent advances are now sparking renewed promise and focus. On this program, Dr. Michael McKubre and Dr. Irving Dardik discussed the advances in cold fusion research.

Where’s my thermos… 😉




  1. Excellent program.

    For much more information on cold fusion, including hundreds of scientific papers, see:

  2. I like the superwave idea. I believe that it is fundamental. The vibrations induced by the superwave may place the many atoms into a single state of quantum transition. I have a paper coming out on this in Infinite Energy in
    Sept of 09. The link will take you to an overview of my work on cold fusion, vibration, and the path of the quantum transition.


    Frank Znidarsic

    I will send a pre print upon request.

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