Posted by: grokscience | June 17, 2009

Human Biology

wellapeAlthough biologists have fact sheets for most organisms on the planet, the human has somehow escaped this treatment. On this program, Hannah Holmes discussed the biology of the well-dressed ape.

Where can I find a good tailor… 😉




  1. You guys are great! wonderful for a liberal arts psychologist like me to listen to, and your interviews are great!

    One suggestion — I don’t know exactly where to access your podcasts now. I mean, I don’t see a particular place where I can right-click on a show and download it.

    Any suggestions would be great! I look forward to hearing the grokatron questions again!

    Keep up the great work! (P.S., I’ve bought more than two books as a result of listening to your interviews, including one on game theory (Fisher) and the one on graphic displays (the Napkin one). I’ve given both of these away to family members as well.)



    • Hi Caleb,

      Thank you for your kind note. We definitely appreciate it.

      There are a couple of ways you can download the show. From the web page, each entry has a “On this program” link that should take you to the mp3 file.

      Another way is to visit the internet archive:

      Another way is to subscribe to our rss feed:

      Hope this helps. And thanks for listening!


      Charles and Frank

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