Posted by: grokscience | September 16, 2009

Technological Innovations

wbaTechnology drives much of the development of human society and economy. Yet, little attention is given to how technological innovations arise. On this program, Prof. W. Brian Arthur discussed the nature of technology.

Where’s Ron Popeil? šŸ˜‰




  1. I agree with Prof. W. Brian analysis that technology begets more technological innovation, in other words, giants of technology are standing upon the shoulders of giants before them by means that simple machines are combined with other simple machines to create more complex machines and these are combined with others to create more complex machines.
    I believe that the reason thew west is ahead, more or less, in innovation is the potential for profit. Though I am a crusader against unregulated capitalism, it is the free market that drives innovation.
    As far as new technology creating new problems, of this there can be no doubt, but one must also consider how things would be without new technology. For example how would things be if we still relied on wood for fuel and horses for transportation. It was the side effects of technologies in use and the need for ever greater production that allow us to live as we do now.

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