Posted by: grokscience | July 21, 2010

Cancer Canines

Prostate cancer is a major issue for men. And, early detection is important for improving the odds of survival. Yet, it turns out dogs may help in detecting prostate cancer. On this program, Gregg Stebben discussed cancer detection by dogs.

Can they also find truffles?




  1. Dear Groks
    Thank you for the many good shows!

    Regarding this show, however, it was surprising that you were not more skeptical. I would have liked to know whether the study was appropriately blinded and done with enough scientific rigor.

    • Thanks for your kind remarks. Yes, we will remember next time to query our guests about such matters. Thanks for listening!

  2. I think the show’s format is not to dig, but rather to interview and allow the interviewer to fully express his/her views, or as much as they can in 30 short minutes. Then the listener is free to go and explore the subject on his own and decide how valid it might be.

    I heard this in similar genre as the cat who can detect death as it was featured in JAMA (or was it NEJM, I forget). I’m skeptical of both. It’s probably not cancer (or death in cat’s case) that it’s detecting, but some other subtle aspect. Maybe we can try FMRI on the dog and see what it’s thinking? Bacon, perhaps? 😉

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