Posted by: grokscience | September 22, 2010


Mantids are a diverse and amazing order of insects, whose attributes continue to amaze and astound scientists. On this program, Dr. Gavin Svenson and Dr. David Yager discussed Project Mantodea.

Watch your head… πŸ˜‰





    er, oh, MANTODEA….

    • πŸ˜€

  2. My cat works great in keeping the mice out. I wonder if Mantids can be used to control bed bug problem sweeping the nation. Maybe I can go into business of selling Matids as pets / pest control and make billions and billions of dollars.

    • Mik, I’ve already thought about this, tried selling them & ended up giving them away. Cest la vie… But If you’re serious, I can always yell you where to purchase your own oothecas!

  3. You already tried this??? They don’t eat bed bugs? I guess training them to poop only in litter box would be most challenging. Maybe I can use them in my ranch to keep pests under control. I’ll ask you about it when I get my ranch. Someday. πŸ™‚

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