Posted by: grokscience | October 6, 2010


The theory of evolution continues to be supported by the weight of scientific evidence, yet the basic concepts and principles behind the theory continue to be misunderstood, ignored, or misstated. On this program, Prof. Richard Dawkins discussed The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution.

Remember to show your ID… 😉




  1. You should see Dawkins’ recent documentary on More4 where he trumps a so called biology teacher on the theory of Ev. Its quite funny!

  2. Thanks for the heads up. Very funny!

  3. Booo!!! One of the worst interviewee ever. Didn’t participate in Grokatron? Call him back and have him play it. It should’ve been a god given (haha) privilege to be on GSC, and he dissed it by not playing?

    Many religious folks already believe in evidence for evolution in microscopic level (ie, the experiment done with bacteria over the course of 30+ years showed this), but they disbelieve the macroscopic. Every time someone discovers “transitional fossil”, it’s new species for them. That means two new “transitional fossils” are needed to explain the addition. And each new “discovery” needs two more and so on. Divergent series, anyone? 😉

    His idea of informing the populace is misplaced. People who want to know already do or actively seek out to know. His book will be sold/read by the converts and believers, and won’t affect much. I hate to say it again, but he’ll be preaching to the quire (as with his other books); I read his “God delusion”, and no one who isn’t already an atheist would bother with such dribble. If his new book is in similar vain, he’ll make few bucks off of those who already believe, but won’t do much else.

    Since we’re talking about the most famous atheist, I believe human beings don’t have the capacity to know if god exists or not. For all the atheists out there, what evidence would convince you that god exist? Would you believe in some miracle you see or would you check into a mental hospital complaining of hallucinations you’re having? In the end, atheism is also faith.

    Finally, Cal tech ticket off sucks! I tried to get tickets to Dawkin’s talk, but they never answer their phone between 1 PM to 5 PM. Those are the only hours they work, those lazy beavers! Maybe Charles and Frank can weigh in their alum fame and fortune to whip them in shape.

    • Alas, we really have no pull at Caltech. I would assume that they would rather disavow any knowledge of our existence… 😉

      • Does that mean they won’t let you guys in Athenaeum? I like their buffets.

  4. I think Mik missed me. Tell the truth, Mik!

    • Missed you dearly. When is Frank coming back? ;-P

      • Good question…

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