Posted by: grokscience | October 27, 2010

Nature or Nuture

What is in a name? How are our behaviors and outcomes determined? Does nature or nurture play the biggest role? On this program, Wes Moore discussed the Other Wes Moore with guest host Mario.

Where’s my doppelganger? 😉




  1. I thought there was a mix up in my MP3 player. What’s this about science? I didn’t know what the heck Mario was talking about and its relevance until I went to Wiki to read more about Wes Moore. Maybe it would’ve been easier if you got Maria instead of Mario. This is the last GSS I’m going to listen to… until next one is released.

    By the way, I’ve been turning over all the rocks in my back yard in hopes of finding Dr. Covic. Which rock was that again? She should come back out.

    • We’ll keep turning over rocks. Dr. Covic should be returning soon…

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