Posted by: grokscience | November 24, 2010

Geek Cooking

Science and cooking are intertwined.  How can science be applied to create magnificent cuisine?  On this program, Jeff Potter discussed cooking for geeks.

Cooking 2.0… 😉



  1. You mean there’s more to tasty cooking than Ramen noodles covered with Blair’s 3AM (2 million Scoville) washed down with Everclear (190 proof / 95% alcohol)? Oy vey! I wonder if that’s why no one comes to my dinner parties anymore…

    Speaking of, what’s the story behind 16 million SU for pure capsaicin and 16 billion SU for some plant as they have in Wikipedia? And why 95% instead of 100%? Maybe you guys can interview scientists who work in extreme food.

    No, I’m not an extremist; I know too little to be one.

  2. Have anyone in mind? I would LOVE to do that show!

  3. Loved the show. Just bought the kindle edition of the book.

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