Posted by: grokscience | December 8, 2010

Mind and Self

Consciousness may seem to be beyond the realm of scientific inquiry, but increasing experimental observations are detailing the neuronal correlates of consciousness.  On this program, Prof. Antonio Damasio discussed how self comes to mind.

I think, therefore… 😉




  1. Wow! Someone who dares to explore the ghost-in-machine? It’s a fitting counter interview after Ron’s interview few weeks ago. Keep up the good work.

    Back in the 1980’s, there were great hopes that machines that pass the Turing test would be coming in year 2000, but I don’t hear much about this anymore. Maybe it’s because I’m out of school for too long. If something (biological being or a machine) pass years of Turing test experiments, would that constitute a consciousness? How long of a time would that Turning test have to be? Another great follow up to this interview would be with someone who researches consciousness through artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone in this regard, either. But I do wonder what Marvin Minsky is up to these days.

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