Posted by: grokscience | January 8, 2011

Climate Adaptation

Climate change is already having broad impacts on sea-levels, agriculture, health, and other environmental systems. How should we best cope with it? On this program, Nobel Prize winner and a lead author of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) discussed climate adaptation.

The UNFCCC. Am I missing a C somewhere? 😉




  1. I’m one of those climate change disaster deniers. More specifically, I think we can do more for more people than spending to reduce CO2. Anyone who claims impending world wide doom has as much credibility to me as guys who peddle Oregano oil, but not funny as Oregano oil con men don’t take my tax money, which is already at 45%! And this is USA! It’s very frustrating after working 20 hour days for a while knowing that almost half of it is gone, and they want more for things like CO2 reduction, not for schools and mental institutions for the needy.

    If climate change is really an issue more important than people (which I strongly disagree), policy should promote more methane reduction, not trying to reduce CO2. Why not collect methane in permafrost that Gore’s movie was afraid of and burn it (turn it to CO2) by having the industry dig it up and use it (cars, factories, power plants)? Why not reduce the number of cows and other methane producing animals by eliminating farm subsidies and raising meat prices? Given that these policies also take money, but methane being far more potent green house gas than CO2, trying to reduce it seems money better spent.

    Longer term, why not make more nuclear power and more money to fusion and other power sources? It seems not doing anything about CO2, but spending more on nuclear seems the way to go.

    Something else interesting. Folks get all wired up about ADHD and Oregano oil, but not a peep for claims that the sky is falling. Conspiracy? Hmmm!

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