Posted by: grokscience | February 23, 2011

Tenth Anniversary

The Groks Science Show turns ten years old this week.  On this program, we look back at ten years of the Groks Science Show.

This show is still on the air? 😉




  1. Congratulations on 10 years, truly an amazing run in the podcast universe. And still the best science show on the net! Keep up the good work, please. Oh, and thanks for the news about the Cal Tech basketball team, from a former Scurve.

    • Thanks for listening to the show. No one is as surprised as we are that it has gone on this long. And hopefully, it’s not the last time that we see the basketball team win a game.

  2. Congrats on the 10th anniversary. Been listening since 2008. Started with old podcasts. Worked my way forward. Love you all. Here’s to listening for another decade!

  3. Congratulations on ten great years of incredibly dedicated and informative broadcasting, guys. Just fantastic.

  4. Congratulations to all! I miss Frank, but understand that JST isn’t very compatible with CST. Elise – you are a great addition to the show, I’ve really enjoy your interviews, insights and your personality – especially with Sam Harris. And of course, Charles – always great interviews too and as with Frank and Elise – love the sense of humor.

    Keep on Groking!

  5. First let me say wow! Congratulations!

    I have never posted before, I’ve listened to every program from 2006, I work at a GOV research facility, they frown upon open blogging, enough said.

    Your show is so interesting and educational not to mention funny.Please keep it going for a long time. I work as a Mechanical Engineer and find my work boring at times but when I tune in to your show it makes my job feel more interesting.

    While I agree with some comments regarding Frank not being on the show, Dr E is GREAT and a huge addition, Charles I love the Grok-o-tron 5000 it’s “facinating” to here such talented and important people comment on figures like Lady Gaga etc…my favorite was Professor Jerry Coyne.

    I hope Frank and all the people of Japan well, I woke to the news this morning.

    Keep on Groking 🙂

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