Posted by: grokscience | March 30, 2011

The Information

Information has never been more facile and easy to obtain, such that managing it can be almost overhwelming. But, how is information defined scientifically? And, what does the history of information tell us about its future.  On this program, James Gleick discussed information theory.

Dial 411… 😉




  1. Nice show very interesting but I must say I quite dig the kenny burrell at the end. way to go! way to know good jazz!

    keep it up!

  2. In Matrix, we are all bits of information. When it comes down to it, that’s really all there is as far as individuals are concerned. I often wondered about this. What does it all mean? It seems to be preservation of information. Information is then defined to be whatever one wants to preserve to be available later. Then immortality would be preservation and availability of that information to eternity.

    That can apply to scientific papers, works of art, and so on. But at biological level, it’s the DNA (among others). We can sequence to every base pair and put them on DVD, but that’ll last only few hundred years, if that. And no one would find that info very useful, so that only makes for increasing the noise floor. For now, best way to achieve immortality to preserve the information, albeit a bit noisy, is by having children and do the best to have grand / great grand / great great grand … kids.

    Since we can’t implement forward error correction with kids (or can we?), best way to preserve the DNA is duplicity. Have one or two, information is scarce and chance of loss is great. Have millions and billions, chances of loss would be very small.

    So, who here is up for helping me with our (yours and mine) immortality? No one? It’s so quiet here, I can hear the crickets.

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