Posted by: grokscience | April 7, 2011

Zombie Politics

Theories in political science enable several possible resolutions to various sociological and political situations, even to a zombie invasion.  On this program, Dan Drezner discussed zombie politics.

Dawn of the neocons? 😉




  1. It’s not quite right that zombie eat brains. In politics, zombies eat BS.

    We live in a society of zombies, so it’s about time this topic is covered. After all, look who we elect in political offices. How many zombies does it take to elect a politician? It depends on how much BS you feed them, TV, Internet, radio and so on.

    And BS cost a lot of money, so much more than brains. Maybe you guys can talk about zombie economics later with quality of BS coming from eating farm grown corn (neo cons) vs free ranging weed (hippies) and what else might produce better S. Lab engineered products (science and tech) don’t seem to make much BS, so the quality and quantity is extremely poor, which explains why our political system is run the way it is.

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