Posted by: grokscience | April 20, 2011

Environmental Biodiversity

The changes to the environment caused by global warming have complex effects on the ecosystems of the earth. On this program, Richard Pearson discussed the effects of climate change on biodiversity.

Where’s my dodo? 😉




  1. Great show! When I first heard the headline, I was like “here we go again with the world is gonna end” interview. But I listened to it anyway, because well, it’s GSS after all, and, more importantly, I heard Dr. Covic’s voice.

    I think this is the first time I hear someone in enviro/bio field who doesn’t try to pump up the volume, but give the straight scientific approach. I hope more in the scientific community involved with nature, including climate scientists, follow his approach. Not too hyped, and not telling people to change their lives or else we’ll all die.

    Estimate of 70% extinction seems ridiculous, but he is right in that the error bar is huge. It’s almost just a random guess at this point. Another thing that may not be considered is what other species are arising out of this? Could it be some new bacteria or protozoa are emerging that we don’t know about? Hard to tell, but certainly the macro creatures that we know about are disappearing.

    I will miss the tigers, but that’s just inevitable. As the population grows, and resources scarce, people will live in tiger domain. With climate change, it’s even more inevitable that tigers will clash with people as arable land will change. I don’t want to tell any person living in tiger domain that they cannot make a living there, just as I don’t want him/her to tell me I cannot fill my refrigerator full of Everclear, because the production of it endangers something or another (if nothing else, at least some poor sap’s liver).

    I will give up my Indonesian Cherry wood flooring to save that last dung beetle habitat, but given a choice between pussycat swallowtail and Everclear, the choice is, well, ever clear: pin that butterfly on a scrapbook, and pump up the production. I think most people will feel the same way, as do the people who live in tiger domain. May not be Everclear, but something that they find dear to them, such as food.

    It’s interesting he brought up the topic of polar bears. That’s kind of what I thought would happen to them (ie, adapt). And if things go much worse, maybe they’ll be extinct. And if things get much much worse, maybe we (humans) will be extinct. Oh well, to quote Doug Adams, “so long and thanks for all the fish.”

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