Posted by: grokscience | April 27, 2011

Geek Dad

Parenthood can be especially daunting, but being a geek may help. On this program, Ken Denmead discussed geeky activities for parents and their kids.

Where’s my slide rule? 😉




  1. Geek dad might be fine … until the kid goes to public school. This is especially so for boys. While other boys would be walking about construction worker father and how his dad beat up other dads in a bar fight, what would geek dad’s boy say? Calling oneself a geek dad might not be the best thing for a young boys’ social life.

    Having said that, maybe the better things for a geek dad would be to raise lots of intelligent daughters with critical mind. Even though over half the college grads are females, many (most?) don’t exercise the intelligence and critical thinking needed for science. I say this, because the women still predominantly go into liberal arts such as English and Women’s studies while men go into sciences and engineering. Even some guys who don’t officially study in school do some pretty amazing engineering things at home as hobbies. I have a dream that one day, the majority of capable scientists and engineers in my group are women.

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