Posted by: grokscience | May 4, 2011

The Panic Virus

Author Seth Mnookin explores the science (or lack thereof!) behind the anti-vaccine movement.  On this episode, he talks about his book, “The Panic Virus”, which delves deep into the personal stories and clinical data to find out whether the perceived link between childhood vaccinations and developmental disorders is fact or fiction.




  1. If it weren’t for compromising the herd immunity, I’d just let those who don’t want to get vaccinated choose not to. After all, we’ll be better off with fewer stupid, selfish people who only care about their children. Those who choose not to vaccinate their kids might think they’re saving their kids from Autism, but have they considered the herd immunity and how that’ll affect thousands (or millions) of others? Is that really a good intention? If kids grow up and know they helped spread some of the preventable disease because their parents were idiots, is that really going to be good for them? I suppose ignorance is bliss and happiness follows…

    Whenever there’s anti vax, two names always pop up: Andrew Wakefield and Jenny. Less often is Oprah. Jenny got her garbage spewed out on Oprah and women (lets face it, most repeat viewers of Oprah are probably women) spread it around. It’s like Tsunami of manure and Oprah opened the flood gates. Then there’s the whole deal with alternative medicine on Oprah, but that’s another topic for another day.

    If science is to triumph over poo, we need to have populace that’ll think critically and rationally. Current education system where teacher lectures and students are to accept everything they hear will only promote more crap to be swallowed and spread around when they become adults. Dependence on teacher for knowledge in younger years and vacuum of that authority figure leads to believing Jenny (a popular kid) on Oprah. Even high test score countries like Korea and Japan have sh*t like this passed around, so this is a global problem. Now I’m rambling, blah blah blah.

  2. I doesn’t really matter anyway. Since most people are going to get the newest vaccines, whatever they are in the future, those vaccinated people actually spread the effects of the vaccine to the un-vaccinated.

    No need to introduce draconian government force to shoot the entire population up and let people have free will with respect to their own families, especially since they’re going to get an environmental dose regardless.

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