Posted by: grokscience | June 8, 2011


Bees are remarkable creatures that serve an important role in agriculture.  Yet, their numbers are dwindling due to disease and the fewer number of bee keepers cultivating their use.  On this program, Hannah Nordhaus discussed the plight of the agricultural bee.

Flight of the missing bee? 😉




  1. To feed the world, one has to engage in commercial agriculture, be it bees or pesticides or commercial fertilizers. But if natural bees are dying out due to these practices, maybe we should look into more GM food sources. Why depend on bees if you can make food without disturbing the bees? Then we wouldn’t care if bees died off or not, although I rather enjoy their buzzing about from the safety of my screen door.

    Image of the speaker running about with her arms flailing when a bee got in her hair: classic comedy! 🙂

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