Posted by: grokscience | June 15, 2011

Smart Medicine

Advances in information technology are revolutionizing the way medicine is practiced.  Team-based and patient-centered models have begun to modernize medicine for both doctors and patients.  On this program, William Hanson discussed Smart Medicine.

What’s Medicine’s IQ? 😉




  1. It sounds like a good idea, but I wonder how it would work when a person’s health care is done by a team. Having experienced how terrible and inefficient a team decisions can be, I don’t know how well this will work.

    If the patient is organized and intelligent, the patient can be the central point who keep track of the history and conveys that information along with new problems efficiently. But we know most people aren’t.

    I hope at least we move the patient database to electronic form. Having to fill out the same type of form every time I visit a new doctor is not only time consuming and frustrating, but vary from doctor visit to doctor visit and inaccurate. Yes, I’m one of those who don’t keep a long list of my medical history in my back pocket.

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