Posted by: grokscience | July 6, 2011

Character Flux

Although we often view our moral character as being immutable, behavioral research has begun to demonstrate the intense flexibility of our moral character. On this program, David DeSteno discussed the biology of character.

Know thyselves? 😉




  1. I often hear about politician and in political forum of people talking about their nemesis as having flip flopped in their views. Well, duh! When do they expect the views to be cemented for life? At 5 years old?

    Maybe that’s a bad example. Looking at how some (all?) politicians behave, maybe their character and thought process did cement at 5 years of age.

    As I see it, all human endeavors are subjective and mutable. Otherwise, we’d still be in the stone age where we take from weaker neighboring tribes and the strongest tribe dominates by force. Ok. Maybe this is not the best example either…

    At a personal level it’s often comforting to know that things are stable. I think that assumption is what leads to so much problems in personal relationships (eg. divorces). I’ve come to realize that only one true constant is change, but unfortunately no one seem to realize this and no one listens to me. Hopefully, this book will convince some of my ideas.

  2. I’m a regular listener of the program as podcast and love the diversity of subjects. Just a suggestion for the summary of the podcasts (e.g. as for above episode titled ‘Character Flux’) – since most of the guests are authors of books, it’d be beneficial for listeners like me to quickly know which book is discussed in each episode by adding this information to the podcast summary- also useful for adding them to our wishlist of books to read.

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