Posted by: grokscience | July 20, 2011

Food Addiction

Food addiction may be a major cause of obesity. What are the causes of food addiction and how can they be overcome? On this program, Hedley Turk discussed why intelligent people are overweight.

Where’s my leptin patch… 😉




  1. I could not find the science in this episode on food addiction. It sounded like the book is subjective and based on personal bias. I would like to hear statistics on the success of the program or exercise physiology studies which verify the program which the author recommends. Shame on you for using a book like this on a pod cast with science in the name.

    • At one point, Rod Serling said of the Twilight Zone:

      “I think it failed in terms of its consistency. It was very good some weeks, quite bad other weeks. But this, I think, is pretty much the track record of most television, by virtue of its desperate overexposure and the brevity of time allotted to us to produce something that is qualitative. But overall, I would say that it was a creative series. We did much more creating than we did imitating. I think we tried things — failed frequently, succeeded other times. But I think the mark of the show was the quite perceivable attempt at quality that went on in the show.”

      Alas, so it goes with most shows…

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