Posted by: grokscience | December 7, 2011

Peacekeeping Economy

Although military might is often viewed as the primary method for national security, forging economic relationships may be more beneficial in the long run.  On this program, Prof. Lloyd J. Dumas discussed the peacekeeping economy.

Where’s my slingshot? 😉




  1. Many years ago, Penn & Teller had BullSh*t episode on World peace, and their premise was that countries that freely trade with others won’t go to war. So true with Europe, so I hope their economies don’t collapse. Otherwise, WW3 may not be too far behind.

    World peace is strong economic ties. I see many protesters (99% etc) who are opposed to strong economic ties with other countries. I don’t think they realize they are actually protesting against world peace. Naivete of the young will lead us to our destruction.

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