Posted by: grokscience | January 25, 2012

Thinking Life

Is it possible to think deeply in an age of distraction? What are the pitfalls for ourselves and society to be driven to constant distraction? On this program, Prof. P.M. Forni discussed the thinking life.

Cogito ergo… um? 😉




  1. Mother Teresa? Ughhh! Pole dancing is more real and substantial.

    I think the prof is wrong in what we think. Our education system should focus on how to make money. Whether they memorize things or “think” about things or use the computer to look things up is inconsequential. In that regard, students should learn the starting salaries of various majors and decide where they want to be and go for it. Too often in USA, students are taught to do what they like instead of what they should do.

    For example, they might want take a chance and be NBA player and make few million bucks or decide to be Computer science / engineer turned entrepenuer and make few billion bucks (Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos). Or they might come down to earth and decide that average starting salaries for engineers and computer folks are consistently in top 10 and try to go for that. Education should be about teaching the students on choices they make and consequences of those choices with regard to money. You like to draw and want to be an artist? You will starve. But you will become a computer engineer and draw things in your spare time? You might eat well and be an artist at the same time.

    Thinking about life and other things can come much much later when they are able to afford it. Thinking is not free. It’s difficult to think about anything when one is busy trying to have roof over head, eat, save up for retirement, especially if one has a family to take care of. Heck, I only have couple of cats, and I work 13 hours per day just to keep up. I can’t imagine how anyone who makes 1/2 of my salary (ie, social workers, english majors in Starbucks) can even have time to think about anything (2 jobs, 26 hours per day?)

    Schools have failed in this regard: number one lesson should be how to make money. If that involves looking things up on the internet instead of memorizing stuff, so be it. Whatever it takes within the bounds of law and not forcibly taking from others (ie taxes), making money should be the prime focus.

    Digressing a bit, I was at 99% demonstration, and those guys should go and get a real education that pays instead of demonstrating. One might become unemployed due to poor choice in selecting a major or worse, run out of savings. Then they have lots of time to think about stuff, but it seems much of their thought is on stealing from others, like much of the democratic party.

    If there’s one advice I’d like to give to students, it’s to go and look up which majors make most money and which majors have least unemployment rate, and pursue them. All the life thinking they want to do can be done after they can afford to do so.

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