Posted by: grokscience | May 23, 2012


A wide variety of apocalyptic prophecies and movements have occurred throughout history.  But, what accounts for their continued emergence?  On this program, Prof. Richard Landes discussed the history of millenial movements.

I’m still waiting for my fries… 😉




  1. Very nice interview, probably because he reaffirms most of what I believe. “miK test on hocus pocus” is if anyone claims impending doom if what they claim is not followed. So what is hocus pocus? Much of the “green” movement who claim we are doomed if we don’t stop breathing (eg. religions that claim we will suffer eternity if we don’t follow their ways, Mayan calendar mumbo jumbo, politicians who claim economic doom if we don’t elect them or their party members.

    But it seems human beings or at least the guys who report things are wired to believe in hocus pocus. I rarely ever see them questioning doomsday sayers. I think that over 90% of people in USA believe in religion (I include “spirituality” in this) seem to indicate that it might be something innate. I am once again awed that we are just mammals after all…

    Speaking of politicians, are there any politicians who are rational and endorse the other party member if they are clearly better? I have never seen one (anecdotal, I know). Could it be that ALL politicians, without exception, are irrational lower forms of monkeys than the rest of us? I hate to generalize, but the evidence seem to bear this out: ALL politicians are hocus pocus. Going into the election season, I hope we have smarter voters who will vote anti hocus pocus.

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