Posted by: grokscience | June 6, 2012

Population Bomb

The 20th century is marked by a dramatic increase in the global human population. But, can this go on? Will this lead to the collapse of civilization?  On this program, Prof. Kentaka Aruga discusses the two main schools of thoughts on how the human population will progress.

And I thought the Internet was crowded… 😉




  1. Welcome back, Frank!

    Nice episode. I especially like “optimist” vs “pessimist” approach, although some tone suggests optimists are looneys. We, those who care to look, know the climate is changing, and some see it as new opportunities while others see it as doom and gloom. I am firmly in the optimist camp.

    Pessimists would have us extinct many times over throughout history. Can you imagine when game was running scarce in prehistoric days? Pessimists would run around crying “we’re all going to starve!” Then the optimists invent agriculture. It’s certainly different than hunting, and probably not as much protein, but we didn’t go extinct from starvation, and it brought us so much more than hunting.

    Then there’s mid 20th century prediction that there wouldn’t be enough food to feed the growing population. Then commercial fertilizers and pesticides and other technological advances came along, and oops, no more disaster. This sort of thing happens time and again, and mankind always triumphs.

    Now climate change, we have the same two “party” camp. I don’t count those who don’t believe climate change; they can get few million thermometers and they can measure for themselves over few decades. As optimist, I believe we will take advantage of this new opportunity and bring the mankind to new heights.How? Probably in many ways, but it will be surprising new innovations that we may not yet know of and take us further into new heights.

    If the past is any indication, I firmly believe in human ingenuity to overcome such minor issue as climate change. Now god and his wrath or people’s belief in god and their desire to carry out his wrath, that is much bigger issue. But that’s too divine of a problem. We may be doomed.

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