Posted by: grokscience | August 8, 2012

Drill Baby Drill!

For ages, earthquakes were thought to be under the control of the divine. But what happens when massive amounts of fluid is injected into the ground? On this program, Dr. Cliff Frohlich join us to talk about human induced tremors.

What would Charles Richter say? 😉




  1. I found Berkeley Groks while searching for material on Johannes Kepler. ‘Grok’ is a superword. I read Stranger in a Strange Land with joy in 1961. Later I found that while not quoting scripture in the title Robert Heinlein was probably interpreting the Bard in MacBeth, Act 1, Scene 3 where the witches address MacBeth as Glamis, Cawdor, and King. This anagrammatically produces GROKING SCI. MAW, LAD? or GROK AS MILD CAWING or GROK ID’S MAGIC LAWN or GROK MAGICAL WINDS to name just a few. It is an interesting letter set with subjects such as glamor, world, mask, risk, woman, laws, magog, RISC and WISC (two things at least for true hackers), and even Glamrock, Mork, and Windsor. I imagine that Robert cooled his toes in this pool of thought as I have.

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