Posted by: grokscience | January 30, 2013

Starch Solution

What is the cause of the current epidemic of c37a9fd62cd288164ad3ad4148f83dbcobesity and can a starch diet be of benefit? On this program, Dr. John McDougall discussed the starch solution.

Mmm, bread.. 😉




  1. I hate to say this without doing more research, but where are all theses studies the doc mentions? No offense if the research is in, but the conclusions about meat and fat and dairy seem extreme. Most of the arguments (in the Podcast) are anecdotal, rather than coming from any real research…for example, the author says that there are no fat people in Thailand…well, according to this NIH link, obesity is 13% in men and 23 % in women. I guess because when most of us think about a Thai person, we don’t imagine them as fat…but real research shows that there is a fair share of them.

    That whole “calories don’t matter” – eat as much starchy food as you like flies in the face of physics and known physiological science. Seriously, the more starchy food you eat, the more your body ramps up to burn it? I don’t mean to mis-characterize, but isn’t that what was said? If that’s true, it doesn’t work for me?

    In my opinion, this sounded a bit to self-promotional, sensational and lacked any discussion about mechanisms…I would also have to say that many of the
    arguments fall into the Post-hoc ergo propter hoc…because people in China eat mostly rice, they are thin…without holding any other variables constant, so to speak. And, because people long ago ate different, it was the right way to eat? And really – he has no idea what people were eating 105,000 years ago…I’m pretty sure we were hunting and eating meat back then too.

    If someone can provide links to independent studies that support the more extreme claims, please share. I couldn’t find anything out there in intertubes…

  2. Well, this has to be the second best (!) episode. Nothing can beat Oregano!

    In many instances, I hear hints of racism, such as Asians are lean, etc. I can say the same for French (women), yet they drink wine like fish and eat cheese by the tons. Mmmmm… French Women… Doh! I guess I’m being little bit racist (and sexist).

    Kidding aside, meat eating is inevitable. Look at North Korea vs South Korea. For that matter, look at South Korea of few decades ago when there was lots of starch but not much meat vs South Korea today where meat is flowing like water. People are taller and stronger, And if there’s one trait that drives today’s human evolution world wide, it’s the man’s height (probably the MOST important trait). Very few women want to date a short man, much less procreate with one. Males who do not eat meat will be shorter, and they will be selected out which leaves taller males and their carnivorous appetite to pass on their genes. That’s a strong evolutionary drive to “weed out” non meat eaters.

    In most cases, though, true evil to our health is mechanization. We walk to our cars few yards away. If you’ve seen Wall “E”, you know what I’m talking about. French, Asians, and the rest of the underdeveloped world who can’t afford to have two cars in their garage walk far more than us. They have to walk from their homes to bus stops. In some parts of the world where they don’t even have buses, they have to walk for miles to get water or hunt/track buffalo. Supply side nutrition doesn’t work quite as well as demand side exertion. I hate to sound like salt water economist with you guys at U of Chicago, but it just sounds that way with nutrition.

    Speaking of staying away from meat, is Dr. Covic ok? She was very enthusiastic and fond of bacon, and I haven’t heard her in a while.

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