Posted by: grokscience | April 24, 2013

Alimentary Adventures

MaryRoach_StiffThe alimentary canal is a structure that most would rather not explore to deeply, metaphorically or literally.  On this program, Mary Roach discussed her adventures through the alimentary canal.

Gulp… 😉




  1. This reminds me of three things:

    Southpark episode where people eat from the other end. She mentioned this, but not going all the way. What would happen if it went all the way? Kissing would have a whole new meaning (or is it already as messy as it gets?)

    Human centipede. I only saw the Southpark version, but wow. Could that really be done?

    Can nutrient absorption be made by industrial means? Can such factories be fed plant matter and out pops something that can power cars or generate electricity? Can people be hooked up in vats of fluid and fed organic matter to produce electricity like in Matrix?

    So many questions,

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