Posted by: grokscience | May 8, 2013

Canary in a Coal mine

John HayThe  natural disasters that small islands face are regarded as the canary in a coal mine on the issue of global climate change. Yet, progress towards international action moves at a glacial pace. On this program, John Hay discussed the importance small island countries and the respective roles of developed and developing countries.

No man is an island… 😉



  1. He seems to forget that economics is involved. The “excuses” most commonly given is that reducing green house gases is too expensive. Take Germany’s solar power; how much are they paying for that? Now compare that to natural gas or coal. One would save far more lives if one sticks to fossil fuels and resultant global warming consequences than to spend exhorbitant amount of money to mitigate globbal warming today.

    His umbrella example shows his lack of understanding. It cost a little in muscles to actually carry the umbrella, yet he decided not to spend that energy, despite the odds being 40% rain. Asking countries to drastically increase their energy cost and resultant negative influence on their economics, not to mention all the deaths that would result globally from higher cost to poorer nations, is unrealistic.

    At current state of things, trying to reduce green house gases is just too expensive, both in monetary terms and deaths incurred. However, I am hopeful that the solution will be found. Until we have a viable solution to green house gas emissions that will have positive impact on economics and fewer deaths, let’s not try to push or place blame on nations. If it doesn’t make sense economically, there’s no point in pursuing it. Doing so only makes global warming seem like, well, a cult.

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