Posted by: grokscience | July 10, 2013

Zap em!

Exposure to radiation gave us Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk but what really happens when people are exposed to it? On this program, Dr. Charles Limoli discusses what happens to brain cells in mice when they are exposed to radiation.

Might mouse is here! 😉




  1. I read long ago that radiation is a cumulative effect. If so, minute amount from many diagnosis could be substantial. There’s dental x-ray followed by CAT scan of the head followed by X-ray and so on. I wonder how substantially harmful the cumulative effect of all these diagnosis we’re doing will be?

    In this day and age where medical professionals run in fear of the law suits, it seems diagnostic radiation exposures are getting much more common, even for young people, and could that have long term cognitive consequences for the future generations?

    Then again, as you correctly point out, maybe all the non-mighty mice will die off. But I think you have a typo there (mighty missing a “y”).

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