Posted by: grokscience | August 21, 2013

Octopus’s Garden

pungor_judit_lrgCarrieWith all the recent excitement about sharks – including shark week and the film “Sharknado” – you might think that sharks are the strangest animals in the ocean. If you’re under this impression, I’d like to introduce you to the cephalopods – creatures like the octopus and squid. Why are they strange? Well, to start with octopuses have three hearts, they taste with their arms, they have a donut-shaped brain, and can change color instantly. In fact, they have so many peculiarities that they seem almost alien! On this episode, biologists Carrie Albertin (University of Chicago) and Judit Pungor (Stanford University) join us to discuss these bizarre and wonderful animals.

Shark versus squid versus bear? 😉



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