Posted by: grokscience | October 30, 2013

Kivalina Climate Change

elizabethgaylynnbakerbwClimate change often seems massive, yet remote. However, the impacts are being felt around the globe. On this episode, Elizabeth Gaylnn Baker discussed the impact of climate change.

Turn down the thermostat… 😉



  1. This feels like Oregano.

    It seems the problems she’s describing can all be solved with money (wealth, not the paper kind). If people she’s describing are billionaires, there wouldn’t be any problems. For dirty water, drill better wells and run water purification. For bad hunting, build bigger, better farms / ranches; or better yet, better supermarkets. For energy, run more solar; PV, solar thermal, outer space solar collectors, and many more ways.

    We have solutions to all the big problems we face. But we cannot implement them, because we are not rich enough to afford them (yet). When (hopefully not if) we are wealthy enough, all these problems will be solved. As a small example, the rich drive Tesla charged from solar panels in their well insulated houses while the poor drive gas guzzling VW and burning lots of energy in houses without much insulation. If everyone could afford Tesla, bye bye smokey VW.

    The question is, are we getting rich fast enough? From my POV, there are too many artifical barriers imposed, especially by those who think rich is bad.

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