Posted by: grokscience | December 11, 2013

The Gap

indexHumans seem very distinct from other animals, but what is it about the human mind that truly defines us as uniquely human? On this episode, Prof. Thomas Suddendorf discussed the gap between humans and other animals.

Mind the gap… 😉




  1. I think it was Rousseau who proposed man is because of private ownership. Could it be that humans have most desire for private ownership among large brained, and that led to development of human “success”? Seeing how Bonobos aren’t doing so well (less desire for ownership) vs chimps, I wonder if that old 18th century wind bag had some merit.

    As for war, I’ve seen black ants vs red ant war in my yard, and it was brutal. There were body parts everywhere, and seemingly no survivor from losing side. Mass killing others for gain is not only human trait, but a biological one.

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