Posted by: grokscience | March 26, 2014


simonComputer business systems have been designed to streamline and increase productivity in various organizations. But, have these systems been implemented appropriately? On this episode, Simon Head discussed why smarter machines are making dumber humans.

HAL, open the podbay doors… 😉





  1. His “progressive” discussion needs much to be desired. For example, the gap between the rich and the poor is much larger, but the poor are also better off today than pre-Reagan in terms of their real income and standard of living. It’s hard to know that forcing the gap smaller would necessarily make anything better. If former communist nations (and South Korea vs North Korea, Hong Kong vs Shanghai of past) are any indication, it would seem that everyone including the poor would be worse off with too small of a gap.

    If larger gap makes even the poorer be better, then the gap doesn’t matter. My guess is that there is some optimal gap that promotes best conditions for all, but quantifying that is exceedingly complex and difficult, if not impossible. Artificially trying to set some number to that gap may (and often does) have negative consequences for all. That’s why many in tea party and libertarians object to this “hocus pocus” focus on the gap, and cringe when our “dear leader” Obama talks about it as if he knows what that should be.

    As for being treated differently for have/have not, try going shopping in sweat pants smelling like sweat vs in suits smelling like money. Even in small stores, you will see the difference. I don’t see how this kind of discrimination can ever be removed, big business or otherwise.

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