Posted by: grokscience | April 22, 2020


Michael-Cooperson-280x280Can a literary work be untranslatable, especially if the work is meant to highlight the uniqueness of a language itself? On this episode, Michael Cooperson discussed his new translation of the works of the Silk Merchant, Impostures: Fifty Rogues Tales Translated Fifty Ways.

A rose… 😉



  1. Amazon suggested MC’s new book to me the other day and I was combing the web looking for some press and found your site; so thanks for having him on your show – let it not be said this episode went unheard.

    May I ask how he ended up here* into what appears as an otherwise STEM themed podcast?


    * Maybe life is imitating art and the spirit of al-Hariri lives on through MC himself brilliantly billing his appearance here in what would be the ultimate imposture.

    • Thanks for listening. To answer your question, Impostures was an interesting topic and we like to grok interesting topics… 😉

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